To my incredibly supportive customers - both new & existing,

At the beginning of the year, I made the decision to end Leo’s Mobile Bicycle Service and seek full-time employment. As many of you know, that job hunt process was slow and didn’t yield many interviews. And, as the season progressed, the bicycle repair business continued to grow and required much of my time. Many of you have also asked me over the past several weeks what I was going to do, and, up until very recently, I intended to continue with the bike shop and work on growing it further. In the past two weeks, however, I was contacted by someone who had previously asked me to work for him. After a lot of thought, I have decided to accept his offer now. While my heart will always be in bicycles, I feel at this point in my life, I would rather have the security of a steady income and benefits vs. the risks of continuing to operate the mobile business and trying to grow it to the level I need it to be.This new position starts on Friday, September 18th so weekday mobile service will not be possible after the 17th. For the short-term, I will keep Saturday hours and be open 1:00-5:00, while completing all current projects and selling off the larger inventory items. Going forward, my current plan is to keep my van (well-stocked with parts and accessories!) and take appointments as my schedule allows on a very limited basis. I don’t have a specific date yet when the physical location on Roosevelt Road will close, but I expect to be there for a few more weeks.If you wish to contact me, the best way is to use the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the shop number (219-246-2504) and leave a message. I will not be able to answer phone calls during the day, but I will try to respond to all requests within 24 hours.On Monday, I will post a list of all remaining bicycles with their clearance sale prices and also a listing of other accessories (mainly clothing and shoes) that I will be closing out.

I truly cannot thank each of you enough for your business, the many referrals and all the positive feedback you have given me over the years. I have really enjoyed operating the business on such a personal level.

Leo Frey